Book Introduction

Through your parents influence, you learned the importance of eating balanced meals and drinking plenty of water. But classes on basic body function in relation to food never existed, so you grasped little about your body functions in relation to true nutrition. In this self-teaching – book you will learn the basics of body function in relation to food. And what your body can and can’t do with the foods you eat – all using basic and easy – to – implement concepts.

You will understand exactly how your body works and how to make dietary changes to improve your overall health and prevent or eliminate a variety of diseases. Nutrition is not calorie counting, chemical reactions, or metabolism, but is proper effective body function as a result of what you eat.

Proactive Health Education has based this self-teaching book on research gathered from independent scientists and respected researchers from around the world. You are the sum of everything you eat, including food, water and exercise. Your body knows exactly what it needs, learn how to listen, and obtain a happier, longer, healthier life.

In order to understand the whys and wherefores of the foods we eat, we must be able to connect those foods directly to the body’s functions. Otherwise, the statement that “vitamin D is good for you” has no meaning. Learn what your body can and cannot do with the foods you eat.

In this self – teaching book, you will find discussions on body function in relation to the three basic elements of a healthy diet. These three elements are bondable versus non-bondable or sugars, healthy versus unhealthy, proteins and fats. We will cover all the other elements that work with the basic ones to improve and maintain healthy body function. These include biologics or probiotics, cholesterol, CoQ-10, vitamins, and minerals.

The human body knows exactly what to do, it has been doing its job for thousands of years. Of the one trillion cells that make up the human body, each and every cell works with its neighbor, communicates, and functions by performing its specific job in coordination with all the surrounding cells as a community effort for survival.

And survival is the key word here. The body will do whatever is necessary to maintain its very survival—no matter what you throw at it. Unfortunately, we do not listen to our bodies, and as a result, what we throw at it can ultimately create our own demise. And that monkey wrench that we use can be anything from the types of foods we eat to the pharmaceuticals we use.

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